You’re here because you’re ready to go on a journey to get back to who you are.

Hi everyone, I'm Karla Souza. I'm an actress, producer, and activist. I'm thrilled to share my very first online course: "Unleashed: A Journey Back To Ourselves."

In this course, we will identify the limiting beliefs we might have about WHO WE ARE. We will also explore how to care less about who the WORLD SAYS WE ARE so we can show up powerfully in our lives. Through these modules, I'll share stories, knowledge and tools to heal from the low self-esteem and the self-sabotaging relationships we have with ourselves and others. I can’t wait to share it with you!

In “Unleashed,” I’ll also open up for the very first time and share real personal experiences and the lessons I’ve learned.  I've developed a methodology to support you in flipping those destructive messages into powerful and healing truths about ourselves.

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The first step in unlearning is identifying the stories we've been told about ourselves and how they do or don't serve us. The ideas you hold about yourself and the world around you make up your core beliefs. These core beliefs are mostly unconscious and unexamined. In this module, I will share some of my own stories and we will unpack 'core limiting beliefs' together.


Once we have unlearned, we can set new foundations regarding our self-concept! We will ask one another the tough questions and get to the root of who we want to be. How does my self-concept create my reality? In this module, I will teach how to break the negative cycle and transform it into beliefs that truly serve you.



This might be the most vulnerable I've ever been and my most personal module for sure. Here I share some of the moments and experiences that broke me down or so I thought. Looking back and making meaning of my lived experience, I realized that in order to survive and get through that ultra low period of time, I focused on four specific areas of my life that needed attention, which I dubbed the Four Pillars of Healing. In this module, we'll work through these pillars and craft a personalized roadmap to your own healing.


Meaning cannot be pursued as a goal in itself. It must ensue as a side-effect of pursuing other goals. In order to find meaning one must be fully expressed, fully seen and fully known. As humans, that's one of our most deep-seeded needs and desires. So how can we find a way to recognize and express our emotions so that we can be fully known and therefore find meaning and purpose in our lives? In this module, we will do just that! We’ll look and consider the roadmap you can follow to experience meaning in your life.

This work has transformed my life in more ways than I can express, and over the next month, I’ll teach you how to unleash YOUR power and live fully expressed. Healing is possible, and I can’t wait to see you step into your power, and the meaning you’ll find in your own life through this incredible work.

Let’s do this together!

"Karla is a beautiful spirit who has persevered through many life challenges and has come out on the other side stronger, more empowered, and more committed than ever to use the lessons she has learned to help others reclaim their lives."

JLove Calderón

Certified Transformational Coach, Founder of the Social Impact Empowerment Coaching Model™, and Co-CEO of Inspire Justice

"Karla constantly pushes herself and those around her to think deeply and reveal their truths. She is honest and kind, has held me into healing, and been so brazenly authentic and open with me that I’ve been able to see the strength in my vulnerabilities. Karla is the epitome of surrendering into the beauty of who you are and defiantly leaping towards who you want to be!"

Aja Naomi King

Actress (How To Get Away With Murder & The Birth of a Nation) and Advocate

"It has been a pleasure getting to know Karla in recent years through our mutual passion for advocacy. My first impression of her was that she has an equal dose of strength and vulnerability, and allows her soul to experience both. Karla has a strong voice and something to say, so I’d listen up."

Eva Longoria

Actress (Desperate Housewives), Director, and Producer

"Karla loves deeply and is compelled to act for the good of others with no expectation of anything in return. Many of us can learn so much from this quality, especially in a world that has become increasingly transactional. Aside from this, in the time that I have known Karla, I have been repeatedly inspired by the fact that she uses her lived experiences as a compass to guide her as she moves in the world to offer her love and support to others. We are all so fortunate that she is using her gift of empathy and what she has learned from her experiences to help all of us on our own healing journeys."

- Mónica Ramírez

Activist, Civil Rights Attorney, Author, and Speaker

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