Hey everyone! I'm Karla Souza

I'm an actress, producer, and activist. Most known for playing Laurel in ABC's How To Get Away With Murder, I've been blessed to have an extended career in entertainment. As a woman working in the public eye for the past 10 years, I've needed to ask hard questions: Am I who THEY say I am? Will I cave in to who THEY need me to be?

Boldening my sense of self has given me resilience to endure the mega highs and ultra lows of my career. I’ve learned to use the emotional roller coaster of life for creative growth, deeper healing, and radical forgiveness. Rather than caving in and allowing situations or people to steal my sense of self, I’ve found tools to keep showing up, braver and bolder, breaking the chains of self doubt, anxiety, and fear and into the arena of freedom, power, and meaning.

"I've worked with Karla for 6 years. The word I would use to describe her is "present". She sees you. Takes you in. She is passionately honest, equally vulnerable and tough. Most importantly, she so wants to lead a life of significance." - Viola Davis